I had a job offer in August 2005 to film/edit and institutional video of the experince Prof. Damasio de Jesus in Bauru -Sao Paulo.
I decided that it was a great opportunity to emphasize social's anthropology strongest tool -method of comparison-between those who, for the same felony -had different judicial sentences- and those who were sent to prison, from others who served community work.
We had few months to do it. We filmed in Bauru in early 2006 for a week. we found from 8,000 convicts who had served community work in Bauru and 30 cases that we could film. we decided to film 8 individuals. joaquim orestes is the guy who starts the film. with elias, whom we filmed in prison are the best characters we met.

We shot the other half of the movie in the city of Sao Paulo in CDP of Pinheiros and JPN of Guarulhos.
we had a four man crew with Juarez Pavelak in photography, Lucas the other director and Leonardo on was a unique experience.

The editing of course was painfull. We had 4 weeks of editing and until the last week the structure we proposed was far from ideal.

We had more than 80 hours of material and to much talking interviews. on april 13th i had a beta copy with subtitles and a couple of no sleeping nights.

The first version of this documentary was screened at the the 11th United Nations Crime Prevention Congress held in Bangkok.

Two years later with a 71min version it was selected for the Rio de Janeiro's Film Festival. it was a great honor to do this project. salute.