LancĂ´me presents Daria Werbowy - Carnaval - Rio de Janeiro

For the portuguese version -

We shot this film during a week in Rio's carnaval of 2008. To say the least we had a great time and I kind of think it reflects on the film.

We had a 3 man crew, with Marcio Zavareze filming with a sony Z7 and Gabriel Mendes on stills. Plenty of his photos are sparkled during the film.

Daria was really nice and was open for us to film her, plus we got to interview Vik Muniz/Gringo Cardia and for them to explain the entire project. Pretty cool.
Gabriel Cabral and I edited it in 4 days and the client was really impressed with the result.
Intro song by Rolling Stones.

Thats it.

Production Santo Forte Filmes
Director John John Valle
DP Marcio Zavareze
Stills Gabriel Mendes
Editor John John Valle
Motion Cabral